Contributors xv

Acknowledgment xvii

Epilepsy in the Elderly: Scope of the Problem

Ilo E. Leppik

I. Introduction 2

II. Known Knowns 2

III. Known Unknowns 11

IV. Unknown Unknowns 11

V. Unknown Knowns 12

VI. Conclusion 12

References 12

Animal Models in Gerontology Research

Nancy L. Nadon

I. Animal Models in Aging Research: Considerations for

Experimental Design 15

II. The Age Factor 16

III. Genetic Background 18

IV. Choice of Strain 19

V. Environmental Influences 22

VI. Genomic Manipulations 24

VII. Resources 25

References 26

Animal Models of Geriatric Epilepsy

Lauren J. Murphree, Lynn M. Rundhaugen, and KEvin M. KElly

I. Introduction 30

II. Mouse Models 30

III. Gerbil Model 32

IV. Rat Models 33

V. Conclusions 37

References 37

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