This book is dedicated to the life and memories of A. James Rowan, who lost his battle with cancer on August 27, 2006. Jim was a quiet man of modest physical stature, but he was a giant in the eyes of his family, friends, and colleagues. He always commanded our attention and gained our deep respect in everything he did. How will we remember him? A colleague and good friend, Jim Cloyd, said it well: ''I will always remember Jim standing with his hands on his hips and his head slightly cocked, with an impish grin on his face.''

Jim had many loves and passions. Beyond the satisfaction he derived from his roles as physician, teacher, and researcher, he adored his family, his friends, fine dining, reading, and writing. He was the consummate clinician with a tremendous devotion to his patients. His patients and their families continually commented on Dr. Rowan's caring and personable manner and knew him to be an outstanding physician.

Jim's strongest passion was the desire to teach physicians, particularly those in training. He loved to explore the question, ''How do you teach the ART, and not just the science, of neurology?'' He was an astute observer, which always served him well. He started each patient's examination as he entered a room: before he even talked to or touched the patient. His Primer of EEG has become a global standard, written as though he were talking to the reader in person. He put his heart and soul into writing—which for him was teaching—in his own clear and personalized style.

I was fortunate to partner with Jim during his pinnacle accomplishment: the planning, successful completion, and publication of the results of a large clinical trial in geriatric epilepsy. His eyes sparkled when we talked about the results and put together plans to educate physicians about our findings, knowing that this would substantially change the approach to treating geriatric patients with epilepsy. As a result, Jim has been instrumental in improving the lives of so many people.

The world is a better place because of Arbo James Rowan. We all will remember his passions for superb teaching, patient care, and finding answers to his own critical clinical questions. This book is but one ofthe many impressive achievements of his life.

R. Eugene Ramsay

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