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Our center has reported on a group of 33 RBD patients with PSG-docu-mented overlapping NREM-REM sleep motor parasomnias consisting of sleepwalking, sleep terrors, and RBD (Schenck et al., 1997b). Mean age was 34 ± 14 years; mean age of parasomnia onset was 15 ± 16 years (range: 1-66); 70% (n = 23) were males. An idiopathic subgroup (n = 22) had a significantly earlier mean age of parasomnia onset (9 ± 7 years) than a symptomatic subgroup (n = 11) (27 ± 23 years) whose parasomnia began with neurological disorders, n = 6 [congenital Mobius syndrome, narcolepsy, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor (and treatment), brain trauma, indeterminate disorder (exaggerated startle response/atypical cataplexy)]; nocturnal paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, n = 1; posttraumatic stress disorder/major depression, n = 1; chronic ethanol/amphetamine abuse and withdrawal, n = 1; or mixed disorders (schizophrenia, brain trauma, substance abuse), n = 2. The rate of psychiatric disorders was not elevated; group scores on various psychometric tests were not elevated. Of the 33 patients, 45% (n = 15) had previously received psychological or psychiatric therapy for their parasomnia, without benefit. Treatment outcome was available in n = 20 patients; 90% in = 18) had substantial parasomnia control with bedtime clonazepam (n = 13), alprazolam and/or carbamazepine (n = 4), or self-hypnosis (n = 1). This series of cases thus demonstrated striking motor-behavioral dyscontrol extending across NREM and REM sleep.

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