Does gabapentin and lamotrigine have significantly fewer sideeffects while providing equal or better seizure control than the current drug choice carbamazepine for the treatment of seizures in the elderly

Condition(s): Seizures

Study Status: This study is currently recruiting patients.

Sponsor(s): Department of Veterans Affairs; Department of Veterans Affairs Cooperative Studies Program; Parke-Davis; Glaxo Wellcome

Purpose - Excerpt: New onset epilepsy in the elderly occurs in 45,00050,000 elderly patients each year. These patients are especially vulnerable to side effects from medications because of changes caused by the aging process and the fact that these patients often have many common diseases for which they are already receiving medications for so that the likelihood of drug interactions is increased. Two new drugs, gabapentin and lamotrigine, have recently been approved by the FDA as antiepileptic drugs. These drugs have demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of partial onset seizures, the most common seizures in the elderly. These new compounds also have favorable side effect profiles and infrequent drug-drug interactions and, therefore, would be expected to be well-tolerated in the elderly.

Phase(s): Phase III

Study Type: Interventional

Contact(s): see Web site below

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