Ketogenic Diet A Treatment for Epilepsy Third Edition

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Source: New York, NY, Demos Medical Publishing, 210 p., 2000.

Contact: Demos Medical Publishing, Inc., 386 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016. (800) 532-8663. FAX: (212) 683-0118.

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Summary: The Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment for Epilepsy introduces the ketogenic diet as a means of seizure control in epilepsy. It is intended for physicians, dieticians, and parents of children with epilepsy who might benefit from the treatment. The book is based on the experience acquired in using the ketogenic diet at the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Epilepsy Center. The book is divided into six sections. The 12 chapters (1) provide an introduction to the ketogenic diet, (2) provide answers to common questions about the diet, (3) present a historical overview of the ketogenic diet, (4) provide information on starting the diet, (5) describe how to fine tune the diet, (6) describe how to make the diet work at home and on the road, (7) discuss going off the diet, (8) describe how to make the necessary calculations for the diet, (9) discuss adapting the diet to liquid formulas and tube feedings, (10) provide sample meal plans, (11) discuss the results of new research studies of the diet, and (12) presents a general summary/conclusion about the diet and its future prospects in controlling seizures in infants and children. The appendices provide information on (1) epilepsy medications and medications normally used with the ketogenic diet, (2) Johns Hopkins Hospital Nursing Critical Pathways, (3) selected references, and (4) the nutritional content of various foods.

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