Mental Health of Adults with Epilepsy

Source: in Epilepsy: Patient and Family Guide. Second Edition. Devinsky, O. Philadelphia, PA, F.A. Davis Company, pp. 324-331, 2002.

Contact: F.A. Davis Company, 1915 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

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Summary: Mental Health of Adults With Epilepsy, a chapter in Epilepsy: Patient and Family Guide, discusses the mental and behavioral aspects of epilepsy in adult patients. Behavioral disturbances in people with epilepsy may be unrelated to epilepsy, or related to the person's emotional reactions to having epilepsy, the effect of medications, or epilepsy. The chapter discusses (1) personality and epilepsy, (2) depression in epilepsy and in the general population, (3) causes of depression in people with epilepsy, (4) treating depression, (5) anxiety disorders in patients with epilepsy and in the general population, (6)

irritability, (7) psychoses in patients with epilepsy, and (8) unusual and bizarre phenomena associated with seizures.

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