Suppression of subclinical epileptic activity

Antiepileptic drug therapy as a rule should be aimed at suppressing seizures and not the reduction of EEG activity. However, in selected situations, therapy can be targeted at EEG disturbances where these are considered to be having adverse clinical effects ('subclinical activity'). These include: reduction of 3 Hz spike-wave paroxysms in children with absence seizures; abolition of EEG changes in the Landau-Kleffner syndrome (pp. 25-6); abolition of photosensitivity in photosensitive epilepsy; reduction in slow spike-wave paroxysms in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and others epileptic encephalopathies (pp. 23-4); and reduction of paroxysmal discharges where these cause clinical impairment.

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