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Spiritual Connection Pendant

Many times we try to connect to the divine; however, somehow we tend to fail. This failure is not a factor of our faults but the ways in which we try to connect. With Spiritual Connection Pendant, forget about that failure and step into a world of peace and tranquility leading all the way to and governed by the Divine itself. This unusual pendant has a sacred image or symbol of the sacred ancient Tree of Life that is revered by almost every religion and civilization. Even, this regard for the symbol dates back to the ancient times when Mayans, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Celts, and Assyrian were at their full boom in their respective ages. The main answer of why the Tree of Life is worshipped universally is deep-rooted in the fact that it represents the Divine flow of creation and energy from the creator to every being on this planet. To savor the fruits of that flow and to entrench your connection with the Divine, have this pendant now. Wear it or keep it in your bag, it will grant you the spiritual fullness you deserve and have a desire for. Read more...

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Reiki Healing MasteryBy Owen Coleman

Pure Reiki Healing Mastery is a downloadable training manual, which provides a step-by-step guide on how quickly master the art of Reiki, a method of spiritual healing designed to heal both physical and emotional ailments. The first step in the program focuses on teaching you how to increase your connection with the universal life force energies. Next, the program focuses on how to use that energy to re-balance that force to enable healing within the body. Finally, the course teaches how to get results quickly and easily. The easy to implement concepts and techniques taught in the Pure Reiki Healing Mastery system allow you to channel the universal life force Ki (life energy) into another person's body through the palms of your hands and can be used to heal both physical and emotional illnesses such as migraines, pain, infertility, depression, anxiety, and more. Read more...

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Reiki Solas Online Reiki Training

Reiki Solas is an online training course designed by Reiki Master and Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Ricky Mathieson. The techniques employed in the course involves some of the world's most powerful cleansing exercises including Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and the ancient spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and techniques. After going through the course, you will receive more than just healing. You will receive a guiding light that your heart has been longing for many years. The course consists of over 17 hours of high definition video lectures, articles, and guided meditation, which you need to get through to see the results. The course is broken down into 10 levels. Level 1 to four is readily available to download, while level 5 is still under production. The next five levels from 6 to 10 will be produced very soon. Reiki Solas has numerous advantages. It is proven techniques for pain relief, balances your energy field, expands your awareness, enhances meditation, it helps one heal broken relationships, it boosts your immunity, amplifies your self-healing ability. You will get to interact with the author of this program Yogi Ricky Mathieson on-on-one. Ricky has over 19 years of energy channeling experience in a variety of Reiki disciplines. Read more...

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Brainstorms Healer Epilepsy in Our Experience

Summary The Brainstorms Healer Epilepsy in Our Experience is the fourth in a series of books about the personal aspects of seizures and epilepsy. The book presents the perspectives of health care professionals from around the world who help patients with epilepsy or who experience seizures themselves. The book is intended to strengthen communication and understanding between patients with epilepsy and providers of care. The book's anecdotes reveal an array of emotions, among them frustration in failing to control seizures, inspiration, the sadness of loss, gratitude for lessons learned on the meaning of life, and the elation that marks the achievement of one's potential. Practitioners who have epilepsy share how they have come to understand firsthand the perspectives of patients who struggle similarly. The book begins with a tribute to the late Kiffin Penry, M.D., who established the Antiepileptic Drug Development Program and inspired scores of professionals and patients alike. An...

Traditional Healing

Unfortunately, modern allopathic medicine is too often in conflict with traditional practices. In such circumstances, traditional healers can interfere with timely and appropriate medical interventions, causing unnecessary disability. On the other hand, the unpredictable nature of epilepsy causes a psychological tension borne by the individual, the family, and the group, and this stress is often better managed by the traditional healers than the modern doctors. The time and quality of listening to the patient and relatives is generally better in the mysterious traditional healers' huts than at the crowded modern hospitals. Modern treatment, even when well applied, may not seem to be sufficient for the patient. Consequently, collaboration between modern physicians and traditional healers often provides the best opportunity for effective treatment. Collaboration between modern physicians and traditional healers often provides the best opportunity for effective treatment.

Perception of Epilepsy

In many Southeast Asian countries, there is gender bias and females are discriminated. Because of culture bound beliefs women are not allowed to move out of their homes, even to seek treatment. It is the prerogative of the male member of the family to decide if her illness is worth a visit to a doctor or can be treated by a traditional healer or a local clergyman within the four walls of the house. Epilepsy is usually considered the work of the demons, due to some wrong doings of the female and she is de-possessed by gruesome methods of the local spiritual or traditional healer. Many equate epilepsy with insanity.25,30,33 In Zimbabwe, teachers too associate epilepsy with a type of insanity.35

Treatment Seeking Behavior

Traditional beliefs have an important influence on the treatment seeking behavior of persons with epilepsy. There are people who hold both medical and traditional beliefs and seek both types of treatment.46,70,71 Multiple agencies are usually consulted including spiritual faith healers and traditional local nonmedical practi-tioners.72,73 In many of the developing countries, the first contact of treatment is usually with an indigenous healer and alternative medicine.39 A supernatural belief combined with family decision is associated with this choice. Relatives, friends and neighbors have a marked influence on the treatment-seeking behavior. In Nigeria,73 86 of the patients are influenced to use alternative medicine, while in Turkey 65 have visited religious figures at onset or during the course of the disease.74 Alternative treatment includes traditional healers, herbal medicine, spiritual healing, faith healing, cautery, aryuveda and homeopathy.27,41,43,45,73 In India, in spite of...

Safety Issues Relevant to Developing Countries

Some rituals practiced by faith healers in developing countries, such as scarification and tattooing, are associated with risks. Some countries are attempting to maximize the beneficial services of honest traditional healers by developing standards for certification that, in turn, permit government reimbursement The practice of using traditional healing methods for the treatment of epilepsy is so rampant and deep rooted in society, especially among the rural and uneducated living in the far flung areas of developing countries, that any attempt to oppose these directly and aggressively could prove counterproductive.

What Are the Domains of Alternative Medicine44

The list of CAM practices changes continually. The reason being is that these new practices and therapies are often proved to be safe and effective, and therefore become generally accepted as mainstream healthcare practices. Today, CAM practices may be grouped within five major domains (1) alternative medical systems, (2) mind-body interventions, (3) biologically-based treatments, (4) manipulative and body-based methods, and (5) energy therapies. The individual systems and treatments comprising these categories are too numerous to list in this sourcebook. Thus, only limited examples are provided within each. Traditional oriental medicine emphasizes the balance or disturbances of qi (pronounced chi) or vital energy in health and disease, respectively. Traditional oriental medicine consists of a group of techniques and methods including acupuncture, herbal medicine, oriental massage, and qi gong (a form of energy therapy). Acupuncture involves stimulating specific anatomic points in the...

Manipulative and Body Based Methods

Energy Therapies Energy therapies focus on energy fields originating within the body (biofields) or those from other sources (electromagnetic fields). Biofield therapies are intended to affect energy fields (the existence of which is not yet experimentally proven) that surround and penetrate the human body. Some forms of energy therapy manipulate biofields by applying pressure and or manipulating the body by placing the hands in or through these fields. Examples include qi gong, reiki and therapeutic touch. Qi gong is a component of traditional oriental medicine that combines movement, meditation, and regulation of breathing to enhance the flow of vital energy (qi) in the body, improve blood circulation, and enhance immune function. Reiki, the Japanese word representing Universal Life Energy, is based on the belief that, by channeling spiritual energy through the practitioner, the spirit is healed and, in turn, heals the physical body. Therapeutic Touch is derived from the ancient...

Health Seeking Strategies

An intact and efficient referral and healthcare delivery system for epilepsy will only be effective if people with epilepsy access the formal healthcare system. Because traditional beliefs dub epilepsy a supernatural affliction in many regions of the developing world, the majority of the patients will initially or exclusively consult an indigenous or traditional healer. This care-seeking choice often results in long delays before consultation with the modern medical system. By working in collaboration with traditional healers, physicians might be better able to access people with epilepsy early, and could potentially offer opportunities to modify certain harmful practices. Developing such collaborative associations may be very difficult, particularly where the physician-indigenous healer relationship has historically been one of competition and animosity. But to best serve people with epilepsy in many developing countries, efforts must be made to resolve this conflict. The possibility...

Clinical History Screening Questionnaire

History of alcohol consumption, substance abuse and exposure to various toxins should be elicited and documented. Whether consumption of large amount of alcohol, especially adulterated alcohol, is a risk factor for epilepsy is not certain.19 But in a study in Togo,15 attributed epilepsy to alcohol consumption in 8 of the 237 patients studied. The tropical world is the major region for the production and distribution of narcotics. In the developing world psychotropic drug consumption is on the rise. Over indulgence of substance abuse can provoke epileptic seizures.30 Benzene hexachloride, a pesticide used in India, has been associated with seizures.31 Consumption of certain fruits can result in fatal convulsive encephalopathy, this is more often described during famine. In Burkina Faso and other African countries epidemics of fatal convulsive encephalopathy in children have been reported following consumption of unripe ackee fruit (Blighia sapida)31,33 The traditional healers provoke...

Epileptic versus Nonepileptic Seizures

Misdiagnosis of other entities as epilepsy leads to social stigma, a failure to recognize and treat the true underlying pathology, and the unwarranted risk and expense of antiepileptic drugs. Because epilepsy is a chronic condition requiring continuous treatment for a substantial time, misdiagno-sis can result in unnecessary long-term phar-macologic treatment. Paradoxically, in underdeveloped communities where neurologic care is substandard relative to developed regions, the misdiagnosis of epilepsy is frequent and the patient may be at a lesser risk of iatrogenic harm when managed by traditional healers. Of course, neither situation is acceptable, and the remainder of this chapter will discuss ways to improve neurologic care through an appropriate diagnosis of epilepsy. Refer to Chapter 2 for a detailed discussion of the differential diagnosis of

Data Collection

Most of the prevalence studies in developing countries have concentrated on rural populations. Some studies were restricted to selected populations such as certain occupational17 and ethnic18 groups or to a particular age category.19 In most community-based surveys, door-to-door inquiries by health workers have been the most widely employed method for case detection. Some studies have depended on the medical records maintained at hospitals, general practitioners' clinics or health insurance offices. The use of medical records for case detection is far less reliable, particularly so in developing countries where there is no well-organized healthcare delivery systems or comprehensive record keeping systems. Ignorance, stigma or superstition may prevent patients from seeking medical advice. Also, for a disorder such as epilepsy, many patients may choose to go to a traditional healer rather than to a western medical practitioner. A community survey in Sri Lanka revealed that only half of...

The Family

Families of patients with chronic disorders such as epilepsy often move from one healer to another before becoming sufficiently dissatisfied to visit a modern medical center to try modern medicines. This process can take many years. When the decision to seek modern medical care is made and this happens, the health personnel must avoid making the families feel guilty about their delay because such feelings may dissuade them from continuing with modern medicines.

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