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Cameron Crawford is the name of the hypnosis master who developed a full unique hypnosis course called Black Ops Hypnosis 2, also known as underground hypnosis or covert hypnosis. He worked closely with a guy who he only discloses as the Professor for two years to develop the most controversial and effective secrets of mind control. He is the only protg of the Professor and nowadays known to be among the most powerful experts of mind control in the entire world. The actual product is basically a course on various techniques of hypnosis. It comes in a series of training audio tracks which explain the mind control and hypnosis techniques in extreme details. It actually a first of its kind to hit the public market and the reviews and testimonials that are rolling back in are very positive. That can only be as a result of how effective and powerful the techniques are. There are 8 featured tracks to describe the various techniques of Dark Side Hypnosis. This course is basically for anyone with a need to get a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions on a social level. Its only intended for good use and by no means should it be used negatively. Read more...

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Black Ops Hypnosis 2 is overall a well-made electronic product in this group that you can buy online. It is secured by clickbank policy, and you could ask a refund within 60 days and all your money will be paid back with with no hassle.

The Art of Stage Hypnosis

The program The Art of Stage Hypnosis is all you need to learn stage hypnosis from A to Z. The author of this great program named Jason Gold and he has an extensive experience in stage hypnosis. Jason put a great effort to gather and explain all the tips and tricks he learned though his stage performance and put it all together in this program. You can hypnotize between one to twenty people in any social gathering not just on stage. In the first chapter Jason makes a small comparison between the stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy to emphasize that stage hypnosis is much easier and most people can learn to hypnotize number of audience that they meet for the first time. I found that this course covers the stage hypnosis perfectly from every angle. You will learn the fundamentals and the tricks as well as the most valuable business tips to become a full time stage hypnotist. In later chapters the author gives the most rapid inductions to achieve instant Trans you can even hypnotize the subject in the street and in few seconds if you want. I want to mention also that this program is a treasure of inductions that any beginner can learn and practice. I recommend this book for anyone wants to fulfill the childhood dream of becoming a hypnotist. Read more...

The Art of Stage Hypnosis Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Jason Gold
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

Psychological therapies to reduce seizure frequency

These are known as 'countermeasures' and various different approaches have been attempted, including hypnosis, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, operant or classical conditioning, and changing arousal levels. Stress reduction techniques of various types are very commonly employed in epilepsy, and have undoubted benefit, although there are few controlled studies in this important area. There is a report of hypnosis that reduced Jacksonian seizures on one patient from 35 to 5 per week. Meditation (of various forms) and yoga (and similar techniques) are commonly employed by patients with epilepsy, and have an enthusiastic following. There is at least one open study of meditation that showed a moderate benefit in reducing seizures and also changes in EEG parameters. Similarly, relaxation methods are widely practised and there are at least four controlled studies that show benefit. In one study a 29 decrease in the frequency of seizures occurred in those trained in progressive muscular...

Mind Body Interventions

Mind-body interventions employ a variety of techniques designed to facilitate the mind's capacity to affect bodily function and symptoms. Only a select group of mind-body interventions having well-documented theoretical foundations are considered CAM. For example, patient education and cognitive-behavioral approaches are now considered mainstream. On the other hand, complementary and alternative medicine includes meditation, certain uses of hypnosis, dance, music, and art therapy, as well as prayer and mental healing.

Nonepileptic seizures and dissociation

Consistent with this notion is a recent study by Kuyk et al. (1999), showing that individuals with nonepileptic attacks display elevated levels of hypnotic susceptibility. In a related vein, nonepileptic attacks can, in many such individuals, be provoked using suggestion, placebo or hypnosis (Dericioglu et al., 1999). High hypnotic susceptibility is commonly found in patients with dissociative psychopathology (Frischholz et al., 1992 Pettinati et al., 1985 Spiegel et al., 1988), and a dissociative interpretation of hypnosis has been offered by a number of authorities (Hilgard, 1977 Woody and Bowers, 1994). Bowman (1993) also found that individuals with nonepileptic seizures yield elevated scores on the Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES Bernstein and Putnam, 1986), a self-report measure assessing everyday occurrences of dissociation, compared with nonclini-cal controls. However, in a more recent study, Alper et al. (1997) found that DES scores are also...

Dissociative mechanisms of nonepileptic seizures

Hilgard's theory provides an elegant account of the psychological mechanisms involved in dissociation. Although it was originally developed as a general account of the mechanisms involved in behavioural control, neodissociation theory has been most influential as an account of hypnotic behaviour. According to neodisso-ciation theory, the hypnotic induction brings about a functional inhibition of the executive ego, causing it to fractionate into two separate elements (Kirsch and

Movement control structure

Although one part of the fractionated executive continues to function as normal during hypnosis, the second part is concealed from awareness by the formation of an amnesic barrier. This part of the ego can exert behavioural control in the usual fashion but such control is prevented from representing itself in consciousness by the amnesia (see Figure 13.1). Hypnotic behaviours result from the selection of cognitive control systems via the part of the executive ego concealed by the amnesia as the hypnotized individual is aware of only the resulting behaviour and not the process by which it was selected (due to the amnesia), they experience the execution of hypnotic suggestions as occurring involuntarily. Hilgard's neodissociation theory represents an important step forward in our understanding of the dissociation concept. Perhaps most importantly, it recasts Janet's original ideas within a modern cognitive psychological framework that bridges the gap between pathological...


Parents are often reassured to know that arousal disorders generally improve with age and resolve before or during teenage years, probably in part because of the reduced amount of slow-wave sleep. For patients with infrequent episodes, reassurance combined with good sleep hygiene, adequate amounts of nighttime sleep, and safety measures may be sufficient. Windows should be locked and sharp objects and toys should be removed from the bedroom floor. For potentially injurious behaviors, or if the activity is excessively disruptive to the family, bedtime doses of 20-100 mg of imipramine, 2-5 mg of diazepam, or 0.5-2 mg of clonazepam are usually beneficial. The medications can be taken nightly for several months and then gradually discontinued, or reinstituted if the behaviors recur. Counseling and psychiatric evaluation or treatment are helpful if family stress or psychopathology are contributing factors. For some patients, hypnosis or behavioral treatments may provide some value (Lask,...

Power Of Hypnosis

Power Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is something most people see as being some kind of new age mumbo jumbo, but it's actually been scientifically to be effective in many people. Learn more within this guide.

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