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Ennora Binaural Beats are specially engineered recordings that allow you to seemlessly enter deep states of concentration, relaxation and meditation. Our Recordings are proven to reduce stress, improve productivity and increase brain power. Simply listen through stereo headphones while you relax. That's all there is to it. More here...

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Live Your Best Life

Living your best life means living up to your potential. Living up to your potential means that you actually do the things you hope to do one day NOW, instead of driving them away for some magical time in the future. If you are reading this, it is because you know you are able to do more. You have dreams and aspirations and you are almost ready to create the life you want. Living your life better also means living a balanced life. Balance is a fundamental part of healthy living. Wisely managing time and energy, you nurture every aspect of yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit. Also, living your best life begins with appreciating the fact that you are alive. Realizing that life is a gift and that every day is a blessing is the foundation upon which you build the life you desire.The exposed product of living your best living product is a step-by-step manual for everyone. The product has been said to be beneficial to many people around the world. It takes courage to create the life you want. By exploring and honoring what you desire for yourself, you will discover that this means breaking some old habits and making changes in your life. These changes may include moving away from friendships and other relationships that no longer support your growth and goals. More here...

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Complementary And Alternative Therapy In Epilepsy

Common whole, by satisfying a demand not met by orthodoxy, or by diversifying the conceptual frameworks of medicine'. One survey of 230 neurological outpatients found that 30 had used a non-conventional treatment in the previous year, and there is no doubt that many patients feel dissatisfied by conventional therapy and seek what they consider more natural and more gentle treatments. In epilepsy, a wide variety of techniques and therapies have been tried, although it has to be said that few have a scientific basis or have clearly established effectiveness by contemporary scientific standards. Whitmarsh has provided a comprehensive and critical review, and this text borrows heavily from this. He has divided complementary therapies into psychological behavioural therapies, exercise, herbal medicine, dietary measures, music therapy, exercise, homoeopathy, acupuncture, transcranial magnetic stimulation and chiropractic therapy.

Other nonpharmacological therapies

Exercise has been clearly shown to improve the control of seizures in a number of studies, from institutions and outpatient clinics. A mean 40 reduction in seizures was observed in one study of aerobic dancing. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat epilepsy. There is some published animal experimental evidence of efficacy, and anecdotal accounts of long-term reduction of seizures and even status epilepticus. One study showed improvement in 89 of 98 cases treated with courses of scalp electro-acupuncture (30 minutes of electrical stimulation to the scalp at 2-3.5 Hz given daily for 15 days and repeated with a week-long break between courses). Well-conducted controlled studies, however, have failed to show benefit. There are case reports of chiropractic therapy reporting huge improvements in individual patients. Correcting 'upper cervical malalignment' in a 6-year-old, for instance, was reported to reduced the frequency of absence seizures from 25 per day to less...

Binaural Beats Healing

Binaural Beats Healing

Heal Yourself With Powerful Binaural Beats. If you search the Net for binaural beats you'll promptly discover there's a whole industry built upon the idea that listening to binaural beats may produce all sorts of desired effects in your brain.

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