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Man Tea Rock-Hard Formula

Adam Armstrong and Elwin Robinson are the creators of this product. The product takes care of your wish to have that healthy sexual life, make you the king of your partner/woman's desire and pleasure in bed. The one thing about this product is that it is completely natural, made from existing plant life! This product is guaranteed to not bring with it most of the side effects artificial drugs have on you. Man Tea: Rock Hard Formula works by helping you build incredible health including Optimal Testosterone Levels, anda veryPowerful Sexual performance in your love life. You will discover some new means to do the following: Optimize your testosterone levels and ensuring they are healthy- this will enable you to have a strong sexual performancethat can cause your woman to scream your name night after night and having the satisfaction and sexual passion she has always desired. Secondly, have a huge sexual urge- this implies you will always be in the mood; thus, you would be, always willing to fully satisfy your partner, who knows, you could even make her addicted to you with all the mind-blowing, multiple orgasms during sex. And, Have the best experience during sex, and am not just talking about the satisfaction, but also the intense pleasurable orgasms. This product is presented to you in plain brown packaging. This product is intended for all those men who feel they are not good enough in bed for their ladies or women. More here...

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Creator: Adam Armstrong and Elwin Robinson
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Ancient ED Fix

Ancient E.D Fix is a 3000-year secret once lost to history that can treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction. This program will give you rock hard erections complete with marathon staying power, no matter your age or physical appearance. The Ancient E.D Fix program approaches the problem of erectile dysfunction from a very interesting angle. It claims that the ED that many men suffer may be a result of inflammation caused by gum disease. Apparently, if you have oral inflammation from gum disease, this can damage the cells that form the lining on all of your blood vessels in your body including those in your penis. This damage may be causing impaired blood flow to your manhood, causing you not to be able to get hard when you need to.The program cites a study which showed that men with ED were more likely to be diagnosed with gum disease. So, the program offers you some oral cleaning methods that will help you to keep your gums healthy, which will increase the overall health of your body.In addition to this, the program will also include tips on how you can use natural remedies to deal with your erectile dysfunction issues. The program will help you to regain control of your sex life so that you can have firm hard-ons again and please your partner in bed. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Spencer Fields
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

The Warrior's Secret

The Warrior's Secret is a safe and scientifically proven treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is made of ancient ingredients believed to have been used centuries before the discovery of Viagra. It bestows a man with the uncanny powers to please his partner sexually. The natural-based ED treatment product is made of natural but effective components. What's more, it does not cause dependence. It is based on ancient science that modern science has not understood yet. It helps a man regain the youthful erections he felt in his teens. It is a creation of Bill Radcliffe, who is a data engineer and a health researcher. With ample of time to himself, he was able to come up with something to help men whose doctors didn't have much help to offer. The benefits of The Warrior's Secret are numerous. But, they all lie within sizzling sex and improved sex life! Give it a try and see a positive change in your sex life. More here...

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Contents: Ebooks
Author: Bill Radcliffe
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Price: $47.00

Hard On Demand

This informative program was written by Brad Stevens. He had for a long time battled with erectile dysfunctions which lowered his sex drive. He also noticed that he wasn't on sex mood as he was some time back. Even when he and his wife tried having sex, he couldn't sustain an erection to have a satisfactory sex session. He sought all the necessary remedies and out of the comprehensive research he did, he landed into this effective remedy that he is now happy to offer to the people. Brad shares a very informative program whose aim is to educate people about natural solutions of erectile dysfunction. The program has valuable information about Proteins, Amino acids and enzymes that are necessary in this case. Brad wrote this program for men with erectile dysfunctions. It has all the information they need to use a natural remedy for this condition. This program is a downloadable eBook containing everything you would need to treat erectile dysfunctions. Upon purchase, you will get the complete guide with all the ingredients needed and the methods of making the remedy. More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Brad Stevens
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Price: $97.00

Mental Impotence Healer

The Mental Impotence Healer is a real revolution in the men health genre because the author Mike Miller wrote this program based on scientific facts which link erectile dysfunction to mental condition. And the author taps into this topic in a positive way and he leads the men to truly be connected with their mental power and heal their condition. The program itself is easy to follow and anyone could do the exercises and understand the instructions easily. The mental impotence healer is consisted of the main book with a lot of illustrations to help the reader follow understand the exercises and follow them. The mental bonus which is a great book in of itself because it helps you tab into your mental power more and more because to harness your mental power means you become the best version of yourself. The last but not the least is a free membership to monthly subscription which holds a great deal of information and it provides you with a lot of inspirational posts and new ideas. If you learn about the mental impotence you will know that no man should be impotent and this program is intended to achieve that goal for all men More here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Mike Miller
Official Website:
Price: $37.00

Disorders of sexual function

Hyposexuality has been long recognized as a feature of epilepsy in both men and women. Between 30 and 60 of men with epilepsy have reported lack of desire and impotence, and in one study 21 of men with chronic epilepsy had not experienced sexual intercourse. Among women, self reports of dyspareunia, vaginismus and arousal insufficiency are common, and also dissatisfaction with sexual experience. There are a number of potential mechanisms. Clearly the psychosocial difficulties encountered by people with epilepsy could play a part, including stigmatization, lack of self-esteem, restricted life styles, parental over-protection, and depression and anxiety. Biological changes including altered levels of sex hormones (especially free levels) are found in epilepsy, owing to the seizures and to the drug therapy these too could contribute to sexual difficulties. Seizures involving limbic structures too might be expected to alter sexual behaviour, and there is evidence (albeit inconclusive)...

Abulia in a Seizure Free Patient with Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

A 32-year-old medically retired civil servant was referred to our clinic by his general practitioner. He had a history of epilepsy from the age of 16 years, and 3 years earlier, on referral to a university hospital, he had been correctly diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy. Neuroimaging studies had shown right frontal pathology. Therapy with topiramate had been instituted, which led to complete cessation of seizures. However, over the 18-month period between then and his consultation with us, he had developed a very prominent lack of motivation, though he remained seizure-free. This was diagnosed as depression and treated with fluoxetine for 18 months with little effect. In addition there was a complaint of erectile dysfunction and impaired ejaculation that appeared to predate these complaints. His general practitioner replaced fluoxetine with reboxetine, and his family intervened and took care of him. He was also seen by a local psychiatrist, who documented these developments, and...

Sexual Dysfunction In Women With Epilepsy

The prevalence of severe sexual dysfunction in women with epilepsy was first reported by Bergen et al. in 1992 83 . Fifty women with epilepsy in a tertiary epilepsy care centre and a comparison group of women of similar age were queried on how often they had the desire for sex, and how often they actually had intercourse. They were asked to respond whether they had a very frequent, frequent, infrequent or very infrequent desire for sex. Equal proportions of women in both groups reported a frequent desire for sex however, a much greater proportion of women with epilepsy than comparators had very infrequent sexual desire, with about 20 reporting that they almost 'never' had sexual desire. The investigators found no correlation to age, AEDs used, duration of epilepsy or seizure type. This study revealed that many women with epilepsy have normal sexuality however, significantly more women with epilepsy have markedly decreased sexual desire than would be expected in the general population....

Invisible Viagara

Invisible Viagara

You are about to discover the "little-known" techniques, tricks and "mind tools" that will show you how to easily "program" your body and mind to produce an instant, rock-hard erection. Learn how to enjoy all of the control, confidence and satisfaction that comes from knowing you can always "rise to the challenge" ... and never have to deal with embarrassment, apologies, shyness or performance anxiety in the bedroom, ever again.

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