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I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the writer was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

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8 Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

When you skillfully learn to handle your stress, not only does your stress level go down, but your quality of life goes up. The skills you will learn in the 8 Minute Meditation Stress Reduction Program have a global impact. Just think about it: If you lower your stress, you feel calmer. Your heart rate is normal, your digestive and other systems are working normally, the way they were designed to. Your entire body and mind are in harmony, functioning to give you the most aware, joyful experience you can have. There's nothing in the way. Then, the world may appear totally different. Colors may seem more vivid. Your shoulders seem lighter, like some great burden has been lifted from them. Life is just good again. Read more here...

8 Minute Meditation for Stress Relief Summary

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Calm Curriculum Top Quality Stress Management Course

A Revolutionary 6-Part Stress Management Programme which will change your relationship with stress and give you your life back. A quick, easy, stress-free & life-long program that will change everything! This book guides you through what is stress, how it effects you and many simple, stress management techniques a step-by-step system to completely un-programme your worrying habit. You simply won't believe the power of these life-altering hypnosis trance MP3s. These audio tracks are designed to be listened to on an MP3 or personal CD player every day for 28 days. My voice will guide you down into a deep, sensory, hypnotic trance state before re-programming your sub-conscious mind with powerful and lasting suggestions.

Calm Curriculum Top Quality Stress Management Course Summary

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Natural Stress Relief

Natural Stress Relief Meditation (NSR) is a clinically-proven way to helps increase psychological well-being and reduces anxiety, nervousness, concentration problems, insomnia, depression, and other disorders. It is simple and easy to learn, and just a few minutes a day can make a huge and lasting effect on your life. This gives you access to a PDF eBook and an audio file to help you learn every aspect of NSR meditation. This course is a result of brainwave experiments that showed a proven link between meditation and stress reduction. This is a scientifically proven course, born of years of careful research and development. This method of stress relief is relaxing and does not take any time at all to learn. You can begin learning this form of meditation as soon as you get the PDF eBook, and you will see results right away. This course is a must for anyone with unresolved depression, stress, or anxiety.

Natural Stress Relief Summary

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When Are Seizures Not Epilepsy

Sometimes people appear to have seizures, even though their brains show no seizure activity. This type of phenomenon has various names, including nonepileptic events and pseudoseizures. Both of these terms essentially mean something that looks like a seizure but isn't one. Nonepileptic events that are psychological in origin may be referred to as psychogenic seizures. psychogenic seizures may indicate dependence, a need for attention, avoidance of stressful situations, or specific psychiatric conditions. Some people with epilepsy have psychogenic seizures in addition to their epileptic seizures. Other people who have psychogenic seizures do not have epilepsy at all. psychogenic seizures cannot be treated in the same way as epileptic seizures. Instead, they are often treated by mental health specialists.

Guidelines for Pregnant Women with Epilepsy

Exercising regularly helps keep you in shape, strengthens your body, and also relieves stress. Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it is a stressful time, too. Stress can cause seizures, so do whatever is necessary to make your pregnancy as stressfree as possible.

Diet Enriched With Omega3 Fatty Acids Alleviates Convulsion Symptoms in Epilepsy Patients

Summary Researchers investigated the effects of epilepsy on psychological adjustment, coping behavior, and transition to adulthood among 36 people age 16 to 21 years with epilepsy and a control group of 31 of their peers. Participants were recruited from neurologists' offices. Each participant received a mailed questionnaire that measured psychological adjustment (self-efficacy, negative and positive affect, use of coping style, self-esteem, and strategy related to transition to adulthood) and adolescent coping. Participants with epilepsy also provided information on acceptance of illness, seizure severity, use of coping style, perception of control over seizures, and strategy related to epilepsy. Data analysis indicated that there were no statistically significant differences between the groups on measures of self-esteem, affect, and self-efficacy. Members of the group with epilepsy had significantly more non-productive coping than members of the control group. The control group had...

Chronic interictal psychoses

Second we know that these patients are vulnerable and tend to experience acute exacerbations of their psychosis during stressful life events, like surgery. It is therefore imperative to provide special perioperative care and tailored postoperative rehabilitation settings for such patients (Krahn et al., 1996 Taylor, 1987) in order to prevent acute crises. It is recommended that discussion with such patients includes information about the indications and the aims of surgery but to differentiate between their epilepsy and their psychosis, including the information that the psychosis will most probably continue.

How could the development of personality disorders and their neuronal basis be explained

Beyond the problem of maladaptive behaviour itself, personality disorders involve a reduced stress tolerance and a heightened psychic vulnerability, as an additional result of the limitations due to dysfunctional neuronal connections. Thus it becomes evident that in so-called 'stressful life events' processing capacities are easily overwhelmed and the mental system breaks down, which often results in psychotic decompensations. For epilepsy patients with personality disorders, the context of surgery itself is a stressful event. This may facilitate neuronal excitation in unusual directions. In addition, and supporting the escalating process, the surgical disconnection of temporal structures forces other parts of the brain to take over functions during the time of scarring and healing. Thus the postoperative period is a double delicate time-span, involving changes in the cerebral mechanisms of excitation and inhibition.

Pathogenic Mechanisms

As to why some patients with epilepsy deliberately evoke seizures remains a puzzle. Most of these patients are compulsively attracted to sunlight. They cannot offer a good explanation for their abnormal behavior, although some admit that it gives them a pleasurable or relaxing feeling. Many authors, including Radovici,71 have thought that psychological factors and stressful situations influenced the frequency of self-induced seizures. Associated behavioral abnormalities leading to social isolation and learning problems are also seen in these patients. Mental retardation was found in 30 of patients with self-induced epilepsy.82

Questions of indication and contraindication

One particular impediment to recognizing the indication for psychotherapy is found in those underdiagnosed cases in which an epilepsy is accompanied by a posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Rosenberg et al., 2000). This does not just mean cases involving exceptionally violent biographical experiences. Recurrent severe seizures themselves may represent a directly traumatic experience in a stricter sense, particularly when - as in many frontal epilepsies - the patient retains a considerable degree of consciousness. Several of the characteristics of PTSD mentioned in DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 1994) such as the 'numbing of general responsivity, constriction of affect, re-experiencing the traumatic event or an exaggerated startle response' can be considered characteristic of many epilepsies as well. This makes it all the more surprising that so little research has focused on the potentially traumatizing character of seizures. One reason for this may be the well-known fact...

What Is CAM

Complementary and alternative therapies are used in an effort to prevent illness, reduce stress, prevent or reduce side effects and symptoms, or control or cure disease. Some commonly used methods of complementary or alternative therapy include mind body control interventions such as visualization and relaxation, manual healing including acupressure and massage, homeopathy, vitamins or herbal products, and acupuncture.

How To Live Stress Free

How To Live Stress Free

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